Graduate School

I am researching the public lives of rural women in a small county in South Dakota during the frontier era, 1880-1920, for my master’s thesis in Public History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In an effort to effectively manage all research materials, I wrote a proposed methodology as my final project for a Digital History class in spring of 2014. This page links to:

Thesis Description that was published in the South Dakota Mail newspaper in July,2014.

Final Project for UWM Digital History class that the describes the methodology and its purpose.

Research Methodology that primarily uses Zotero to manage resources.

The front page blog will provide a forum for ongoing discussion of the research process and my attempt to manage it in a methodical manner. I’m hoping this method enhances the writing process by making it very easy to find and use primary resources collected during the research phase. In addition, by documenting relationships between sources, people and organizations, I expect to discover new connections and insights about the people and places I’m studying

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