It Happened Right Here

I have been writing a monthly historical column for the Plankinton weekly newspaper, the South Dakota Mail , since January 2013. I initiated this project to build my skills in writing and research – with deadlines to help with motivation.

I select topics that explore the history of Aurora County. Plankinton is the county seat. I try to tell stories that haven’t been told before or to tell them in a way that delivers a fresh perspective. It’s also a great opportunity to practice different types of writing styles. One of my favorite columns, “Jacob’s Journey”, invites the readers to experience the journey of the first white settler from his viewpoint. Other articles, “A Tale of Two Men”, and “A New Day Dawns” provide strong contrasts to add interest. “Character of the County” investigates the statistics of the 1915 to tell the story of life at that point in time.

I am posting these in chronological order regarding the topic and listing the date they were published in the South Dakota Mail . Although newspaper articles do not require rigorous citations, I am trying to discipline myself to create those citations as I write, although I’m not too good at that yet. As I complete the citations, I will start posting the articles on this blog.

Articles Published in the South Dakota Mail

A New Age Dawns: 2/7/2013
Jacob’s Journey: 4/4/2013
A Tale of Two Men: 3/7/2013>

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