Margaret “Maggie” Edna Magonegil Page

Wedding picture of Maggie and Ernest Page

Name: Margaret “Maggie” Edna Magonegil Page 

Lifespan: 97 years, 1889-1986. Born in Dudley Twp, 03/24/1889. Died in White Lake, 10/23/1986. Buried in Plankinton Cemetery, St. John’s Section.

Locations: Dudley Twp (1889), Mitchell, SD (1952), White Lake (1982).

Spouse: Ernest “Ern” Raymond Page, 1890-1976. Born in Dudley Twp. Married 01/10/1923 in Stickney. Farmer, supervisor of road crew for WPA in 1930s, sold Pioneer Seed corn. World War I Veteran.

Profile: Maggie lived in Dudley Twp, Aurora County, from her birth on her parent’s homestead in 1889 until she and her husband retired in 1952. She was a housewife who loved to cook and bake and was well-known in the area for the quality of her baked goods. Her parents took in a young nephew and raised a niece, Margaret, both of whose mothers had died shortly after childbirth. Maggie’s mother died when Margaret was only four years old, and Maggie then became the primary caregiver. For many years, Maggie and Ern housed the schoolteachers for the Page School located across the street from their farmhouse. Her church and faith were very important to her, as signified by large wooden rosary hanging on the wall of their house in Mitchell. She would bake an angel food cake for her son’s birthday as she knew it was a favorite of his. Her grandchildren remember the ever-present apron she wore as well as the solemn expression she wore most of the time. Smiles were rarely seen on her face.  Until she lost her sight and hearing, she enjoyed playing cards with friends, and played many games of Pinochle with those grandchildren who came for overnight visits.

Roles: wife, mother, grandmother, church volunteer, homemaker, farmwife, clubwoman, excellent cook and baker. 

Parents: John Magonegil and Anna Kelly, Irish-American.

Children: 3 children born 1924-1930. Hershell (Ruth Ann Gerhard), Lavilla (Louis Kettley), John/Percy (Judy DeBoer).

Sisters: none 

Brothers: James, Joseph.

Education: Parkin Common School, Dudley Twp.

Work Experience: none 

Church, Clubs and Organizations: St. Mary’s Catholic Church, altar society, Dittrick-Barrows Post of the American Legion auxiliary, Two by Four women’s club, 

Family Connections: Ern and his two brothers played cornet, violin and drums in their own small dance orchestra. Maggie played the piano for them occasionally. Her brothers remained in the area as well as Ern’s two brothers, Frank and Charles, who farmed together. Many of Maggie’s cousins from the Dan Magonegil family also lived in the area. Her son Hershell took over the farm until he moved to Plankinton in 1955. Percy then ran the farm until he moved out of state in 1976. Lavilla moved with her husband to California in the 1950s. Most Sundays, Hershell and Percy’s families, with 14 of her 17 grandchildren, came to Mitchell for Sunday dinner. In 2021, her son Hershell still owned the land that her parents homesteaded in 1882.

Time in Aurora County: 67 years 

Physical Appearance: short stature, slim body, dark wavy hair, solemn expression

Date of Submission: March 2021

Latest Update: April 21, 2021

Name and Contact Information of Submitter: Ann Page Anderson