Louisa Dorothea Schroeder Matzner

Lifespan: 77 years, 1856-1933. Born in Guestrow, Mecklenburg (Germany) on 06/20/1856. Died on 06/06/1933, in Truro Twp, from a third stroke. She is buried in the St. Paul Luteran Cemetery, Truro Twp, Stickney. Mecklenburg ws an independent country that became part of Germany in 1871, that after World War II, became part of East Germany. Today it is in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Locations: Guestrow, Mecklenburg (1856), Cook County, Chicago, IL (1856), Hudson, Black Hawk County, IA (1865), Cedar Falls, IA (1873), Truro Twp, Stickney (1883).