The Women – By Year of Birth

This section contains profiles about individual women who lived, at some time, in Aurora County, South Dakota. The profiles here are in birth order. To search by Last Name, use the pull down menu for The Women’s Room/The Women – By Last Name to access profiles listed in alphabetical order by last name, either married name or birth last name, if never married.

For more information about the project, see The Women’s Room.

1837-1906: Margrete Hjelmeland Knutson, Hopper Twp, Plankinton

1838-1915: Sarah Conway Ruddy Kelly, Dudley Twp

1842-1930: Adelia “Addie” Burnham Granger, Plankinton

1846-1935: Jane “Jean” Todd Saville, Plankinton

1847-1932: Sarah Margaret Breiner Page, Dudley Twp

1856-1939: Augusta Theresa Jasch Bogenhagen, Gales Twp, White Lake

1856-1933: Louisa Dorothea Schroeder Matzner, Truro Twp, Stickney

1862-1902: Catherine “Kate” Taubman, Plankinton

1865-1918: Anna Rose Kelly Magonegil, Dudley Twp

1867-1937, Margaret “Ella” Powers Gerhard, Plankinton

1878-1963 Emma Augusta Gardner Anderson Becker, Plankinton

1882-1979: Katherine “Kate” Ginsbach Krell, White Lake, Eureka Twp, Plankinton

1885-1968: Anna Katherine Deisch Morss, Gales Twp, White Lake

1886-1975: Sarah Rortveit Halverson Knutson, Hopper Twp

1889-1986 Margaret “Maggie” Edna Magonegil Page, Dudley Twp

1890-1960: Popkje “Paulina” Paauw De Boer, Center Twp, Stickney

1890-1954: Ruth Lanathan Carr Gerhard, Plankinton

1892-1978: Eunice Alvina Miller Steele, Plankinton, Pleasant Lake Twp

1897-1998: Margaret “Mabel” Griffin Fitzgerald, White Lake, Plankinton

1921-1981: Florence Arlene Wilmarth May, Firesteel and Dudley Twps

1922-2013: Ruth Ann Gerhard Page, Plankinton

1931-: Helen Bernadine Coleman Hohn, Belford Twp