Anna Rose Kelly Magonegil

Name: Anna Rose Kelly Magonegil (Magonagle)

Lifespan: 53 years, 1865-1918. Born Monroe, WI, 6/25/1865. Died Davison County, 7/10/1918.  Buried in Plankinton cemetery. 

Locations: Monroe, WI (1867), Stapelton, IA (1880), Dudley Twp (1885).

Spouse: John Magonegil, 1856-1929, Born in Grant County, Wisconsin. Married 1887 in Aurora County. Farmer. Homesteaded in Aurora County (Dudley: 160 acres section 34 and 160 acres in section 28.  Anna’s parents also homesteaded in the same township.

Profile:  She was second oldest of nine children born to Irish immigrants. Around the age of 20, she arrived in Aurora County and married John Magonegil two years later.  She worked briefly in one of the hotels in Plankinton. She gave birth to three children in six years, and also raised a nephew and a niece. As many pioneer women of that era she would have seen her primary role as mother and homemaker, but was also involved in the Catholic church and her community. She met the privations of pioneer life and saw Aurora Co change from an open prairie to one of the most productive counties in the state. She was well known to everyone in her area and was highly esteemed and beloved. She was diagnosed with Bright’s disease, a chronic kidney disease, and passed away three months later at the age of 53 at the hospital in Mitchell after undergoing treatment. Her funeral was held in the Catholic church in Stickney and she was buried in the Plankinton cemetery near the graves of her parents.

Roles/Talent: Farmwife, mother, homemaker.

Parents(Ethnicity): Patrick Kelly and Sarah Conway Kelly, both Irish immigrants. They arrived in Dudley Twp in 1885 as homesteaders.

Children: 3 children born 1888-1895. James (Caroline/Lena Reier), Margaret/Maggie (Ernest Page), Joseph. Joseph served in World War I.

Sisters: Mary Franzke, Margaret Harrison, Elizabeth Nicholson, Catherine Burrington

Brothers: Thomas, John, William, Frank, and a half brother, James Ruddy.

Education: Attended school and could read and write.

Work Experience: Farm wife, homemaker, hotel worker.

Church, Clubs and Organizations: Catholic church.

Family Connections/Occupations: Her children Maggie and Joseph spent most of their lives in Dudley Twp. James moved to Douglas County. When her husband’s brother James lost his wife in childbirth, she cared for their son Alfred/Allie for eight years, until he returned to live with his father. She also raised a niece, Margaret Harrison, whose mother, Anna’s sister Margaret, also died in childbirth. Her sister Catherine Burrington lived in Plankinton. Her grandson, Hershell Page, aged 96 in 2021, still lives in Plankinton, and several of James’ descendants live in nearby counties.

Time in Aurora County: 33 years

Physical Appearance: Tall, sturdy, with a handsome face and dark hair.

Date of Submission: February 2021

Latest Update: May 08, 2021

Name and Contact Information of Submitter: Jane Page