About The Women’s Room

Honor your female ancestors and keep their stories alive!

The Women’s Room History Project recovers and highlights the stories of women who, at one time, resided in Aurora County, South Dakota. This crowd-sourced project invites the community to compile and share details about these women for inclusion in the Women’s Room exhibit at the Sweep-VanDyke Railroad Museum & Cultural Center, Plankinton, South Dakota.

The Women’s Room at the Sweep/Van Dyke Railroad Museum in Plankinton, South Dakota

This new collection of stories will help showcase women’s contributions to life in Aurora County, and therefore, create a more accurate, inclusive, and representative history of the area.

I am asking people to provide facts about dates and family members, as well as information about the woman that helps capture her interests, personality, character, and other unique aspects. There is also an opportunity to attach pictures and other documents.

I found it quite easy to compose these stories using obituaries and information found at ancestry.com or familysearch.com. It’s easy to look up homestead information on the web site Bureau of Land Management GLO site.

Follow the links below to read sample profiles and to obtain detailed instructions. Please contact me at rpjhistories@gmail.com for questions or to return any profiles you have written. Thanks so much for helping to save these stories!

Female Profile Questionnaire

The Women by Last Name

The Women by Year of Birth