Sarah Margaret Breiner Page

Name: Sarah Margaret Breiner Page

Lifespan:  84 years, 1847-1932. Born in Clarkville, NJ, 06/07/1847. Died in Dudley Twp, 02/27/1932. Buried in Dudley Cemetery.

Locations:  Clarkville (1847), Churdan, Green County, IA (1854), Dudley Twp (1882).

Spouse: Hiram C. Page, 1842-1906. Born in Vermont. Married 05/09/1868 in Iowa. Blacksmith, Farmer, Homesteader (Dudley 160 acres in Section 26). Died as result of farm accident.

Profile:  Sarah, motherless at age twelve, likely took on the role of housekeeper for her father and four brothers at an early age. Her romance with her future husband started when he rescued her from a Circus tent, felled by strong winds, in 1868. They were married later that year when she was twenty-one years of age. By the age of forty-two, she had given birth to twelve children, one whom died in childhood.In 1882, she and her husband homesteaded in Aurora County, near where the town of Stickney was later established. Hiram came first and Sarah followed by train a few months later bringing her seven children, including the newborn baby. Sarah ran the farm and family during the winter months as her husband traveled the countryside tempering anvils.Surviving terrible blizzards, searing heat, dusty windstorms, crop-destroying hail, and a fire that destroyed a barn and part of the house, Page raised her children, socialized with her neighbors, and provided leadership in her community. She served as midwife for other neighbors, kept the custom of inviting the minister, neighbors, and local bachelors for Sunday dinner, and helped to charter the United Brethren Church, serving on its first board. At the time of her death, she was the proud grandmother of twenty-two grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren.

Roles/Talent: Mother, grandmother, farmer, good neighbor, church leader.

Parents (Ethnicity): Peter B. Breiner and Jemima Ann Smith, both of Pennsylvania. Breiner’s father came from Alsace-Lorraine, France.

Children: 12 children born 1869-1890. Huldah (Edward Roberts), Sarah/Jenny (John Bailey), Mary (James Ruddy), Rose Etta, Lottie (Fred Quade), Lida (John Day), Steward, Emma (Charles McLean), Agnes (Fred Bielfeldt), Frank, Charles (Marie Dittman), Ernest (Margaret Magonegil). Rose Etta died at age 3. Huldah, Lottie, Lida, and Steward reached adulthood but pre-deceased Sarah.

Sisters: None

Brothers: John, William, David, Francis (all remained in Iowa)


Work Experience:

Church, Clubs and Organizations: Charter member United Brethren Church, Stickney

Family Connections/Occupations: Sarah’s three youngest sons remained near her in Dudley Township, and her daughter Agnes lived in Mitchell. In 2021, two of her grandchildren still live in Aurora County, Hershell Page, aged 96, and Peggy Swent, aged 99. While some of Sarah’s great-grandchildren still live in the state, none of them live in the county.

Time in Aurora County: 50 years.

Physical Appearance: Noticeably shorter than her husband, Sarah had a large purple birthmark on one side of her forhead.

Date of Submission: February 2021

Latest Update: April 17, 2021

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