Women’s Room Project Instructions

Women of Aurora County Life Stories Project — 2021

The objective of this project is to collect one-page overviews of any woman who lived all or part of her life in Aurora County, using a standard format. The Profile section of the overview is intended to capture the personality and unique aspects of the subject and focus primarily, but not exclusively, on the time she lived in the county.

The format requires all information starting with Name and ending with Physical Appearance be contained on one page, with a regular Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Please try to provide as a Microsoft Word or Google Doc document. If not, send via email and we will convert. Page 2 provides room for adding auxiliary information. In addition, you may include attachments and photos as appendixes.

Review the sample profiles for direction on collecting and recording information. The Profile section can sometimes be written from information gleaned in the obituary. Complete information is not required, just provide what you can and note any information not yet found on page 2. Two good sources for family relations and census records are familytree.com and ancestry.com. To determine if they homesteaded, check the web site https://glorecords.blm.gov/search for land patents.

In the instructions, brackets [] are used to make clarifying notes. Parenthesis are used to indicate format. ‘nn’ means this should be a number. m/d/yyyy indicates date format. Words underlined are words that belong in the format. See examples. If information for any section is not known, just enter ‘unknown.’ If no answer, enter ‘none.’

Note about location information: If the subject lived on a farm, try to list the township. Whenever noting an Aurora County city or township, leave out ‘South Dakota,’ as that will be the default. In addition, leave out state for major cities such as Chicago, New York, etc. Use state or country names if city unknown. Abbreviate Township to Twp.

Don’t worry if format doesn’t match exactly. We can fix that later.

Return project to:   Ruth Page Jones,  rpjhistories@gmail.com,  262-366-3803. or mail to:  Ruth Jones  % Plankinton Preservation Society, Inc., P.O. Box 367, Plankinton, South Dakota 57368.


Profile Format Instructions

Name: First (nickname) Middle Birthname MarriageName1, MarriageName2, …

Lifespan:  nn Years, m/d/yyyy City, State or Country to m/d/yyyy City, State or Country. Buried in name Cemetery, City. [note burial only if in Aurora County]

Locations: City(yyyy), City(yyyy), etc. [Start with birth city and year and include any known locations and year of move into that location.]

Spouse: First(nickname) Middle Last(yyyy[year of marriage]). [Note Occupations]. [Note if spouse was Veteran or Homesteader and identify township and section number]. Died in yyyy.

Profile: [Write a few sentences that characterizes the individual. Who were they as a person? What was most important to them in their lives? At what age did they immigrate or move to Aurora County? Were there any significant events in their lives that might have influenced who they were and what they did? How did they interact with community? How did the community see them? How did their children and grandchildren see them? Sometimes this information is included in the obituary. Sometimes you might have to guess, for example: “Like many other women of her era, she would have seen her main role as homemaker and mother.” Or “As the mother of ten, and a farmer’s wife, her life would have centered around her home, the farm, and her family. In addition, as a member of xx church, she would have found solace in her religious beliefs.”]

Roles/Talent: [examples: Wife, Mother, Stepmother, church volunteer, homemaker, farmwife, community volunteer, great cook, artist, musician, good neighbor, sewer, crafter, etc. ]

Parents: (ethnicity) father, mother. [ethnicity of parents – if family longtime in US, write Yankee or Euro-American, if parent’s ethnic background is different, write as example: F:Irish, M:Dutch]

Children: Name, Name, etc. [List children in birth order. Include last name of married daughters. Note which ones lived in Aurora County, e.g. Mary Bell (Plankinton). Also note if any died as children. Note range of dates for birth of children] (yyyy-yyyy)

Sisters: First Last (if married). [Note city or township, only if they lived in Aurora County, eg. Celia Jones (Dudley Twp)

Brothers: First. [Note city or township, only they lived in Aurora County, eg. John Jones (Dudley Twp)

Education: Note any schools attended or degrees earned.

Work Experience: [examples: taught xx in xx school, professional nurse, store clerk for xx, business owner of xx business, household helper.

Church, Clubs and Organizations: List any outside activities

Family Connections/Occupations: Write about any extended relationships in the area, both her and her husband’s family. Note if any relatives still remain in the area.

Time in Aurora County: total years living in county, eg. 12 years

Physical Appearance: height, body size, any distinguishing features


Page 2:

Objects: List any items that she may have used that the family still cherishes

Sources: List documents where information was found. Also any oral histories

Missing Information: identify information that is incomplete.

Attachments: List any other items included.

Date of Submission:

Name and Contact Information of Submitter:


To help improve this project, please provide feedback.

How long did it take to complete one overview?

Were the instructions clear, easy to follow?

What do you think of this format?

Do you think of collection of these will create a useful historical record?

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