Adelia Burnham Granger

Name: Adelia/Addie E. Burnham Granger

Lifespan: 88 years, 1842-1930. Born Ohio, 09/10/1842. Died Plankinton, 01/03/1930. Buried in Plankinton Cemetery.

Locations:  Ohio (1842), Plankinton (1880).

Spouse: Theodore Chauncy/TC Granger, 18411918. Born in Cleveland, OH. Married 01/11/1866 in Crawford County, WI. Civil War Veteran. Hotel Proprietor. Aurora County Homesteader (Plankinton Twp: 320 acres in section 11; Pleasant Lake: 160 acres, in section 22). Admitted to Hot Springs home for disable soldiers in 1913.

Profile:  Granger, the first Euro-American woman to move to Aurora County during the homesteading years, operated the first hotel in Plankinton with her husband, and remained in Plankinton the rest of her life.  Soon after the first train arrived in October, Theodore C. Granger and his wife Adelia, then aged 38, built a structure adjoining the Anderson grocery store and opened the town’s first lodging house. Called the Granger House at first, it later became known as the Plankinton House. The hotelkeeper’s wife received equal billing in an early 1884 advertisement that stated Mr. Granger “is very ably assisted by Mrs. Granger, the estimable landlady of the Plankinton… The traveling trade, pleasure seekers and others will find in the genial host and hostess of the Plankinton, people devoted to their business.” In a 1931 newspaper, she was remembered for her kindness. “For Mrs. Granger, recently passed to her reward, was one of the most motherly women whom we have ever met. Not one of the myriad of young women and young men claim-holders ever appealed in vain to her for physical aid and comfort. She never was lacking in sympathy nor was she tired or out of sorts and many a chronically depleted larder was made to show a semblance of prosperity through her beneficence.” She was active in her community and remained interested in all things up to the time of her death.

Roles/Talent: Mother, wife, hotel proprietor, community leader, church volunteer, good neighbor.

Parents(Ethnicity): Roger Taintor Burnham, Illinois, and Mahala Catherine Winget, Maryland.

Children: 1 child born 1867. Henry Franklyn (Anna Swenson, Clara Younglove)

Sisters: Mary Ellen, Harriet, Olive, Elizabeth

Brothers: Henry, George, John W Burnham of Plankinton, Philo.


Work Experience: Hotel Proprietor, Granger Hotel, Plankinton, 1880.

Church, Clubs and Organizations: Charter member Women’s Relief Corp, Installing Officer in 1901. First president of Congregational Ladies Aid. Funeral at Presbyterian church.

Family Connections/Occupations: Adelia’s brother John and his wife moved to Plankinton soon after the Grangers. John ran a general store for many years. Adelia’s son Henry and first wife had three children. She died in 1899. Henry married Mamie in 1900. Adelia’s mother was living with them during the 1900 census. At the time of her death, Adelia’s brother and son were living in Plankinton. Grandson George Granger lived in Plankinton for some years and died in Mitchell in 1959. He was the last Granger to live in Aurora County. Great grandson Eugene George died in 2009 in Mitchell. Eugene had 11 children and many live near Aurora County.

Time in Aurora County: 50 years

Physical Appearance:

Date of Submission: January 2021

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