Augusta Theresa Jasch Bogenhagen, 1856-1939

Name: Augusta Theresa Jasch Bogenhagen
Lifespan:  83 years, 11/21/1856 Stettin, Germany (now Poland) to 9/12/1939 White Lake. Buried in Lutheran Trinity Cemetery, White Lake.
Locations: Germany(1856), Mississippi(1870), Chicago(1871), Likely Gales Twp(1885), Gales Twp(1887), White Lake(1924).
Spouse: August Friedrick (Fred) William Bogenhagen(1873), farmer. Aurora County homesteader (Gales: 160 acres in section 12). Died 1916.

Profile:  Born in the Prussian Province of Pomerania, Augusta and her family emigrated to Mississippi in 1870, the year before Prussia became part of the new German Empire. Unhappy with the climate of that southern state, the Jasch family relocated to Chicago the following year. Two years later, at the age of seventeen, Augusta married Fred Bogenhagen, from the same city in Prussia. Before moving from Chicago to Aurora County, twelve years later, August gave birth to five children, with her eldest being a set of twin boys. At first, the family settled on a farm twelve miles southwest of White Lake, but then in 1887, they bought a nearby home in Gales Twp. When Augusta’s last child was born In March of 1896, the family numbered ten children, ages birth to twenty-two. In 1905, she and husbanddonated two acres for the new St. John’s Lutheran church in Gales Twp, later built in 1913. Although her husband died in 1916, she did not move off the farm until 1924, when she moved into town to live with her son William. Most all of her children lived out their lives in Aurora County. As the mother of ten, and a farmer’s wife, her life would have centered around her home, the farm, and her family. In addition, as a practicing Lutheran, she would have found solace in her religious beliefs.”

Roles/Talent: Wife, mother, homemaker, farmwife.
Parents(ethnicity): Carl Jasch and Hanna Florentine Heier (Prussian)
Children: Edwin, William, August, (all of White Lake), Amanda (Herman Miller, Plankinton), Alma (Frederick Bradwish) Arthur, Frederick, Louis, Minnie (Charles Markhardt) (all of White Lake), Bertha Rossow (Alfred Carl, Herreid, SD) (1874-1896). All children survived until well into adulthood.
Sisters: Bertha
Brothers: August, Adolph
Education: unknown
Work Experience: unknown
Church, Clubs and Organizations: St. Martin’s Lutheran Church, St. John’s Lutheran Church
Family Connections/Occupations: to be determined
Time in Aurora County: 54 years
Physical Appearance: unknown
Page 2
Sources: Obituary from Ella Wilson’s Obit scrapbook. Ancestry.
Missing Info: Need to add family connections, especially all descendants still in Aurora County. August Bogenhagen obtained homestead patten in 1889, meaning he homesteaded five years starting in 1885, but obituary says they moved in 1887, so this detail needs more investigation. Check White Lake and Aurora County history books, confirm name of Gales Twp church.
Attachments: 1939 Obituary
Date of Submission: January 2021
Name and Contact Information of Submitter: Ruth Page Jones

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